Major Employers in Gainesville, Texas

Companies are attracted to Cooke County because of its ample, skilled workforce. Nearly 4 million people live within a 60-mile radius. Additionally, North Central Texas College works with employers to design training programs to meet their specific needs. 

Top 10 Major Employers

Employer No. of Employees
WinStar World Casino & Resort 3,500 Employees
Safran Seats US 1,250 Employees
North Central Texas College 890 Employees
Gainesville ISD 442 Employees
Walmart 396 Employees
Gainesville State School 359 Employees
North Texas Medical Center 290 Employees
Cooke County 265 Employees
City of Gainesville 222 Employees
ORTEQ Energy Technologies 160 Employees

Top Industrial Employers

In Cooke County, 22 percent of the workforce is in manufacturing. To support both employers and employees, a Manufacturing Consortium was formed in Cooke County in May of 2017 with a commitment to: 

  • Positively impact the community’s perception of manufacturing. 
  • Inspire students to pursue manufacturing careers. 
  • Strengthen the future growth of manufacturing by avoiding a talent shortage.
Employer No. of Employees
Safran Seats US 1,250 Employees
Orteq Energy Services LLC 160 Employees
Superior Machining and Fabrication 140 Employees
PPG Industries 137 Employees
IFS Coatings 130 Employees
Select Energy 120 Employees
SPN Well Services 115 Employees
Trident Process Systems 111 Employees
Universal Machining 100 Employees
AZZ Enhanced Powder Coating 99 Employees
Molded Fiber Glass 95 Employees
Petroflex NA, Inc. 95 Employees
Dura-line 90 Employees
GAF 65 Employees
Circuit Breaker Sales 62 Employees
Texas Trailer Corporation 50 Employees

Featured Employers

Circuit Breaker Sales Photo

Circuit Breaker Sales

Dura-Line Photo


Molded Fiber Glass TX Photo

Molded Fiber Glass TX

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Orteq Photo


Universal Machining Industries, Inc. Photo

Universal Machining Industries, Inc.

Safran Seats USA Photo

Safran Seats USA

GAF Photo