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Workforce Partners and Programs

Manufacturer’s Consortium

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In May of 2017, a Manufacturing Consortium was formed in Cooke County with a commitment to positively impact the community’s perception of manufacturing, inspire students to pursue manufacturing careers, and strengthen the future growth of manufacturing by avoiding a talent shortage. This advisory partnership between high schools, North Central Texas College, and the area manufacturers ensures local education and training meets workforce demand.

To help continue to have a strong talent pipeline, the Consortium has three main initiatives:

  • Strong partnerships between Manufacturers, North Central Texas College, and our Cooke County High Schools.
  • Dual Credit and Technical Certifications to provide local high school students opportunities to enter the workforce with good-paying jobs. Create strong curriculums that support the talent needs of local manufacturers.
  • Promote scholarship and apprenticeship opportunities.
  • Further opportunities when Associate Degrees or Bachelor Degrees are achieved.

Annual Manufacturing Day 

  • Create personal relationships between students and manufacturers.
  • Expose students to career opportunities in manufacturing.
  • Educate students about advanced technologies, state-of-the-art facilities, and fast-paced work environments, while dispelling antiquated images of what manufacturing used to be. 
  • Provide students with concise information about careers in manufacturing that they can share with their parents.

Manufacturing Matters Spotlights 

  • Spotlight a different manufacturer each month.
  • Create a “Wall of Fame” in the technical corridor in our high schools, college, and the GEDC hall promoting each manufacturer.
  • Host a power lunch at Gainesville High School each month with the Spotlight Manufacturer. Coordinate personal facility tours for interested students.Spotlight Manufacturer billboard campaign.
  • Mayor Proclamation for Manufacturer Spotlight.
  • Manufacturing Spotlight corner in our local paper with articles on manufacturing.

Workforce Solutions Texoma

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Workforce Solutions Texoma provides employment-related services to companies and job-seekers in Cooke, Fannin, and Grayson Counties including specialized services for adults, youth, those who have lost their jobs, and resources to assist individuals with disabilities.

  • Companies can benefit from job-matching services, labor market information, access to training grants, and other services.
  • Job Seekers can access job leads, career information, assistance with training or child care, and other services.
  • Individuals with Disabilities can seek assistance through Texas Workforce Solutions Vocational Rehabilitation (TWS-VR) staff. TWC-VR services are available for adults to help prepare for, obtain, retain, or advance in employment, for youth and students to help prepare for post-secondary education and employment opportunities.

Additional Resources:

North Central Texas College

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North Central Texas College (NCTC) collaborates with area employers to design Career and Technical Education (CTE) programs to meet specific needs. NCTC is committed to preparing students for the high-demand, high-skill careers of today’s ever-changing workplace. Their instructors are professionals in their field who provide hands-on training that equips students with authentic job experiences that build the communication, problem-solving, and critical-thinking skills employers value.

Gainesville ISD Dual Credit Program

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Gainesville High School works closely with North Central Texas College (NCTC) to deliver quality programming and education for students seeking to participate in dual credit or technical training. In 2020, more than 220 GHS students took either dual credit or technical training through NCTC, placing GHS as the second-highest dual credit enrollment of all high schools that NCTC serves.


Christi Conti-Holloway
Dual Enrollment Coordinator

National Career & Technical Training (CTE) Awareness Month

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During National CTE Awareness Month each February, the GEDC focuses on bringing awareness to the extensive CTE resources our community works together to provide. Workforce partners like Workforce Solutions Texoma and North Central Texas College provide guidance on how to obtain industry certifications, knowledge, and resources for obtaining after-school lifestyle career goals, and much more.

More information can be found through the CTE portal.