Manufacturer Spotlight – Zodiac Seats U.S.

Manufacturer Spotlight – Zodiac Seats U.S. Main Photo

1 May 2018

Manufacturer Spotlight

Premier Manufacturer of Airline Seats

Zodiac Seats US LLC is a world leader in the design and manufacture of passenger seating for commercial, regional and business aircraft. Based in Gainesville, Texas, Zodiac Seats US LLC (ZSUS), is a subsidiary of Zodiac Aerospace, itself a world leader in aeronautical equipment and systems.

“We were founded in 1941 as Weber Aircraft and began operations in Gainesville in 1967. We were acquired in 1992 by Zodiac Aerospace and officially changed our name from Weber Aircraft to Zodiac Seats US in 2012 in order to align with the rest of the Zodiac Aerospace group,” said ZSUS President and CEO Jeff Barger. “What sets us apart from our competitors is our 77-year history and tradition of designing and manufacturing the best aircraft passenger seats in the air. That’s our history and legacy, and it is what has made the Weber, and now Zodiac Seats US brands the industry leader in economy class seats.”

“We have a very skilled, highly-qualified and motivated workforce which is a large part of our success. This begins with a strong leadership team who is collaborative, cross-functional, people-oriented and communication-focused,” said Barger. “ZSUS employee morale and performance is at a high level in part because of an atmosphere filled with appreciation. We have a team of people that work for, and not just with, each other. It is very exciting and rewarding to see how much the team is accomplishing.”

A unique facet of the company is their employee-driven community giving. Several years ago the ZSUS Community Involvement Committee was born to join together to support the community. Employees volunteer to contribute a portion of their income to this effort. The contributions received from the employees are then disbursed by the Community Involvement Committee to needy organizations within designated boundaries, which includes Cooke County. During ZSUS’s 50th Anniversary Celebration in Leonard Park last October, many of the recipients came to personally tell the employees “Thank you!” and to convey the positive impact the ZSUS employees’ generosity made in the lives of others. Recipients included: Cooke County United Way, Boys and Girls Club, Cooke County Special Olympics, JW Foundation, Gainesville, Lindsay and Callisburg ISD, Kiwanis, American Cancer Society, CASA, Abigail’s Arms and Medal of Honor Host City Program.

By developing a culture of collaboration and teamwork, ZSUS has a 100 percent on-time delivery performance to Airbus and Boeing and their customers. Airlines focus on the comfort of their passengers, which is why ZSUS is in constant contact with its customers regarding what they prefer in a next-generation seat. The company has become a paperless assembly operation so its work instructions and 3-D drawing are now readily accessible at the touch of a monitor. “New products, continuing our existing performance and improving customer satisfaction and aftermarket service will fuel organic growth,” Barger predicts.

Pursue a rewarding career in manufacturing where big city benefits are close to home. To see open positions in ZSUS, click here. For more information about the Cooke County Manufacturer Consortium and manufacturers in Gainesville contact Arleene Loyd, Executive Director, Gainesville Economic Development Corporation at 940.665.5241.