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7 Nov 2022


The Gainesville Economic Development Corporation (EDC) has created a website and social media platforms to keep residents and local businesses informed, and we urge you to join us on social media! Gainesville is known for its ever-growing economy, especially regarding our target industries, which include manufacturing, agriculture, distribution, retail, healthcare, food, and educational services. Gainesville EDC’s social media can help these target industry businesses stay at the top of their game by staying informed on any new incentives or news that can help them continue to thrive!

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The Gainesville community, in general, can also benefit significantly from joining our social media platforms! Stay up-to-date on fun events and opportunities as they arise when you follow, and never miss out on anything fun happening in the community! We always have something fun going on here in Gainesville, TX! Don’t miss out! Click here and join Gainesville EDC’s social media today!