Gainesville Has the Workforce!

Gainesville Has the Workforce! Main Photo

28 Nov 2022


Gainesville, TX, has been advantageous for businesses to locate here, including a proficient and skilled workforce to choose from! With a total of 936 businesses in the area, over 11,000 out of our population of over 17,000 people are employed in the workforce. Top industries that are employing the workforce here in Gainesville include Manufacturing, Accomodation/Food Service, Retail Trade, Healthcare/Social Assistance, and Educational Services. 

Learn More About Gainesville’s Workforce!

The educational attainment of Gainesville’s workforce includes high school workers all the way through those with graduate degrees. Most of our workforce commute from Gainesville, but we do also have non-resident commuters that, on average, drive 20 miles to commute to work here. The Gainesville Economic Development Corporation (EDC) has compiled a list of statistics about our workforce for those who are interested. Click here to view this information for free!