Qualifying Job-Based Incentives

The Gainesville Economic Development Corporation considers incentives for employers to provide jobs that earn a living wage in Gainesville, Cooke County, Texas.


  • Living wage is defined by the GEDC as $18.50 per hour on a full-time basis (2080 hours annually) or a minimum of $38,500 in salary annually. 
  • Health benefits are required.
  • Retail projects are not eligible for job-based incentives.
  • Eligibility requires the employee to be a Cooke County resident.
  • Incentives begin after the employee has been on the company’s payroll for 3 months.  
  • Incentives are paid annually after performance measurements are met.

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Category: Local

Through Chapters 380 and 381 of the Local Government Code, the County is allowed to negotiate directly with developers and businesses and Gainesville is authorized to offer a range of incentives designed to promote local economic development. Specifically, it allows for the provision of loans...
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Jobs created/retained since 2010 as a result of direct economic agreements with the GEDC: 492 Incentives awarded since 2015: $2,903,828.53To create new jobs and bring new cash flow into our local economy, the Gainesville Economic Development Corporation, as a Texas Type B EDC, invests in the...
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Triple Freeport Tax Exemptions consist of exemption of ad valorem taxes for products detained for 175 days or less.  Contact the Gainesville Economic Development Corporation with questions: 940-665-5241 aschroyer@cogtx.org
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